School Information

The Enrich Excel Achieve Learning Academy is a public charter school housed on the second floor of Wausau East High School. We can service up to 80 students from grades 6-12. We offer a broad array of educational opportunities for our students taught by a core group of seven highly trained teachers who are aided by two paraprofessionals and two Americorps staff. Our principal is Dr. Shannon Young.

If you are interested in further information or wish to begin the enrollment process, please call our school at 715-261-0636.

As a public charter school, EEA Learning Academy is open to all students from grades 6-12 in the Wausau School District. We are also able to take students from other districts provided they fill out Open Enrollment paperwork. This paperwork must be filled out between February and April of any given year. For more information, please check out the Wausau School District website here.

Referrals to our school may be made by district employees, parents, and students themselves. Once a referral is sent in, the family and the student are asked to tour our facility and speak with one of the staff here in an informal interview. We do this to make sure our school is a good fit for the student's needs. Not all students do well in our educational model, and we desire the best possible outcome for every student here.  The staff will meet with the family and explain our setting discussing the student's educational needs.  If the family and the student agree that our school is a good fit, they will be enrolled and placed as soon as there is an opening. Please be aware we have a waiting list during much of the school year. Also, we have a cut off date for the end of the school year of March 1st. After that date, students will either be enrolled on a special case by case basis or be asked to start during the summer school session.

Again, if you wish for any further information or wish to set up a tour, please call us at 715-261-0636.