Parent Resources

EEA Student and Parent Handbook  - click the link

Below is a  list of resources we have found helpful for the many struggles that parents and teens go through:

  • A United Way link called 211 that gives a significant amount of information regarding :
    • support group
    • family counseling
    • services for an aging parent
    • financial assistance
    • volunteer opportunities
    • or other community services or groups
  •  This site has information for parents on various substances that teens may be tempted to use.  Also a great resource for your teen.

Books we recommend:

Below are several books and resources we have found helpful as teachers and parents.  Please let us know any feedback you have on these so that we may make recommendations to others. 

Barbara Colorosso-
Ms. Colorosso has an entire line of books that have been very helpful to parents and teachers.  From "Winning at Parenting without beating your kids" to "Parenting through Crisis", there are strategies for all situations parents and educators face.
Anthony E. Wolf
This book is a keeper!  Get Out of My Life, but First Could You Drive Me and Cheryl to the Mall?: A Parent's Guide to the New Teenager (Paperback)
Timothy Burns
Mr. Burns has several materials that are appropriate for parents or educators.