Our Curriculum

  Students learning
EEA Learning Academy is a mastery school. This means that our students must pass all their classes with an 80% or higher. Because we demand so much from our students, we also supply them with a great deal of support and encouragement to make sure they can achieve at our higher standard.

We are using Apex to deliver our core curriculum. Apex is a computer-based form of instruction that offers an entire high school and middle school curriculum that is directly aligned with state and federal core standards and includes everything from foundational courses to honors and AP courses. This program allows for both independent and direct instructional practices.  Apex also offers subjects at a variety of levels that allows instructors to assign curriculum based on student ability levels.

To learn more about the Apex curriculum, please visit: http://apexlearning.com/Home.htm

In addition to Apex, we offer several experiential learning classes per year, hands on seminar classes, and multiple reading and math interventions.

EEA Learning Academy is based on the philosophical components found in the National At Risk Education Network's Nine Core Values. You may visit their site here to learn more about this educational approach. The Nine values are as follows:

  • Accelerated Academic Curriculum
  • Strong Literacy Component
  • Deliberate Self-Management Program
  • Personalized Curriculum
  • Project-Experiential-Work Oriented Classes
  • Smaller School and Class Size
  • Solid Planning and Administrative Support
  • Collaborative Community Model
  • Comprehensive Staff Development