Staff Bios

Carol Lukens


Advisor: Carol Lukens
Ms. Lukens has her Bachelor of Science with a double major in History and Broadfield Social Science and a minor in Psychology from UW-Stevens Point.  She was an Ahimsa Center Institute Fellow for the California State Polytechnic University.  This and other work involved extensive academic, community-based study in nonviolence education for K-12 educators.  Ms. Lukens is a trained Facilitator in Restorative Justice, Nonviolence/Violence Prevention, and Diversity Education.  She has 15 years experience teaching, tutoring, and mentoring at the elementary, middle, high school and adult learner levels.  Ms. Lukens has 5 years experience teaching in alternative school settings and has worked at EEA since 2011.  She has two daughters and one grandson.

Sara Andrew
Advisor: Sara Andrew
Mrs. Andrew has a Bachelor's Degree in Social Studies.  She joined the EEA team in 2015.  She is married with two daughters and one son. 

Methusela Thao
Advisor: Methuselah Thao

Mr. Thao has a Bachelor of Science with a major in Physical Education and a minor in Adapted Education and Health Education from UW Stevens Point.  He also earned a Masters of Education in Differentiated Instruction from Marian University in Fond du Lac, WI.  Mr. Thao has worked with EEA since 2006.  He is married to Shirley, and together they manage a martial arts business in Wausau.  They have two children.

Ben Kessler
Advisor: Ben Kessler
Mr. Kessler graduated in 2008 from UW-Stevens Point with a B.S. in mathematics.  He r
an a CNC for 4 years.  In 2010 he went back to UW-Stevens Point and earned his teaching certificate.  Mr. Kessler joined the EEA team in the fall of 2014.  He loves living in Wausau with his lovely wife and daughter. 

Kim Zimmermann
Advisor:  Kimberly Zimmermann

Kimberly began teaching in 2010.  She substituted for one year, then taught 6th, 7th and 8th grade sciences in Marshfield for three years.  She started at EEA in 2014 and is licensed in multiple science disciplines.  Kim is a native to Central Wisconsin.  She was raised in Marshfield and currently lives near the Big Eau Pleine Reservoir.  She is married with four children ranging in ages from elementary school to early twenties.  In addition to teaching, Kim is a Staff Sergeant in the Army Reserves and serves as a railroad engineer.  Her Army missions have taken her to various parts of the US, Europe and Asia.

Kevin Krieg
Advisor:  Kevin Krieg
Mr. Krieg holds a Bachelor's degree in English.  While he joined the EEA team in 2015, he has several years of experience in the charter school setting.  He was a founding member and advisor at Wausau EGL Academy for the first 5 years of its operation.  

Sarah Schneck
Advisor:  Sarah Schneck

Ms. Schneck has been with EEA since 2007.  She earned her Master's degree in Differentiated Instruction for At Risk Learners from Marian University.  Ms. Schneck worked as a para professional at EEA for 8 years before earning her certification in Special Education in 2016.  She is also the proud mother of two lovely girls.

Kate Veenstra

Paraprofessional: Kate Veenstra
Mrs. Veentra is a Wausau native and has a degree in History Education with specific interests in psychology, sociology and crime and punishment.  She is married with two children and enjoys just about any activity that allows her to spend time with friends and family.  Mrs. Veenstra joined the EEA team in January of 2015. 

Jenn Golbach
Paraprofessional: Jenn Golbach
Mrs. Golbach joined the EEA team in the fall of 2015.  She earned a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Sociology in 1997 from UW Stevens Point.  She has studied Counseling and Student Personnel at Minnesota State University and Organizational Psychology at Capella University. 
She is married with two kids. 

AmeriCorps:  Ryan Aderholdt
Mr. Aderholdt joined the EEA team in the fall of 2017.    

AmeriCorps:  Sierra Severt
Ms. Severt joined the EEA team in the fall of 2017. 

Counseling intern:  Michelle Waldvogel
Mrs. Waldvogel is earning her Master's Degree in School Counseling.  She will be interning with us the entire year and will primarily be available on Fridays.  

Secretary:  Betsy Hart

Ms. Hart is the Administrative Assistant at EEA.  She holds the same role at Wausau Engineering and Global Leadership Academy, downstairs from EEA.  

Shannon Young

Principal and counselor: Dr. Shannon Young

Dr. Shannon Young is the principal and counselor at EEA Learning Academy.  While being an educator should have been clear to her as far back as high school, she looked at some other careers in the medical field before realizing that this is where she is meant to be.   After spending two years at Michigan Tech in Houghton, MI, she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Augusta State University in 1993, then a Master’s Degree in School Counseling in 2001 from UW - Milwaukee and a doctorate in education from Cardinal Stritch University in 2011.   She has worked in a charter school setting in the Wausau School District for nearly 12 years.  Six of those were as an advisor at EEA Learning Academy, one was as the counselor for all three charter schools in the district and from 2013-2016 serving as the principal and counselor at EEA.  Starting in the fall of 2016, she became the principal of Wausau EGL in addition to her principal role at EEA.

Dr. Young has extensive community-based experience including leadership roles in the Marathon County Alcohol and Other Drug Partnership Council, Neighbor to Neighbor (N2N), and other prevention organizations.  She has 20 years experience working with teens and their families and occasionally presents to parents on communication strategies.  She has been married for 25 years and has 2 daughters.  Time with family and friends, photography and traveling top her list of things she enjoys.  Dr. Young has a firm belief that students flourish when given ownership of their education and is thrilled to lead such a fabulous team at EEA.